once in a decade, this one is

by hillarymay

Graham and I are coming off of a fantastically eventful weekend with our Kenosha-born-turned-big-time-New-Yorker friend Elliot. We’ve been persuading him to visit the capital city for MONTHS now (honestly Elliot, it’s like only three hours away), and finally, one fine day he said okay, let’s do it.

I should back up a little first. Graham and Elliot are high school buddies who share a love for overly drawn out Mo-town runs, simultaneously singing the National Anthem four registers a part, aaannd all things Beyonce (but did I also mention that the two of them used to sing at funerals? For strangers, mind you). Elliot is a crazy good singer, which is probably why he wound up at Berklee College of Music, though I swear he is as dramatic as he is talented.

It was so good to catch up with him. His New York life is way cooler than ours, so it seems, but we were proud to show him around our city . I’m not sure we have EVER eaten at four different restaurants all in one night but we did. By golly, we did, and I’m pretty sure it filled our night life quota for the next two months and maybe our entertainment budget too.

We were sad to see him go but it won’t be long before we see him again in May. Thanks again for visiting, Elliot!

(Below are my two favorite photos of the weekend)