another life lately saga

by hillarymay

Life has kept me pretty busy throughout the past few weeks. With a little trip to Indiana, work at the restaurant, a new nephew, finding a new apartment post marriage – it’s been a handful (minus the new nephew part). And wedding planning! I equate it to a big class project that’s not due till the end of the semester and without proper check ups, it’s easy to put it off till the end. Oops. But registering was a heck of a lot of fun, and I sometimes lay awake at night daydreaming about my future gifts, er – I mean, our gifts. Graham and I’s gifts. We may or may not have set up a Costco card fund. The skies the limit, guys. And our dishes – oh my gosh, I love our future dishes. God bless the person who gifts us our dishes (just kidding).

Once we send our invites out (which will be soon, cross our fingers/knock on wood), we’ll launch a new blog we’ve created .. a sort of side project if you will.

Here are just a few photos of the past month.



Pizza with friends / the roommates came to visit / Graffiato / Society Fair  / Upland, Indiana / Midas