A food confession

by hillarymay

I’ve come a long way since the days when I believed that sharing food was a crime. Thanks to my dad, we never, EVER shared when we went out to eat as a family. My poor mother – she always tried but always failed to convince us to share a meal with her. And dessert? Not a chance in you-know-what. It was everyone’s for the taking. And during those rare times that we DID share dessert, you could hardly pause to take a breath (or blink for that matter) because the entire dessert would be devoured in minutes (May family, you know exactly what dessert I’m thinking of). Don’t even get me started on bean dip. We once devoured a 9 by 13 pan of homemade bean dip in five minutes one Christmas.

That’s how us May’s .. well, do.

I’m not ashamed. Really, I’m not.

But I’m here to you that I can finally share a meal without thinking that someone’s going to steal my rightful portion (bring on the tapas, people). Of course it hasn’t been the easiest transition. I still hate it when I finish my meal before Graham, which almost always resorts in one more run through the Taco Bell Drive thru because I can’t eat my initial meal slow enough – or Graham can’t eat his meal fast enough. Take your pick. And I’ve become a lot more civil when sharing dessert. Usually I guilt him into taking a “timeout” when we’ve finished half of it so that the dessert can “last longer.”

I’m crazy, people.

We went to 2Amy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria last night thanks to a recommendation by The Rockstar Diaries. And folks – it. was. delicious. I day-dreamed about having another personal pizza immediately after I finished mine. And when I went to bed last night. And maybe when I woke up this morning. I tell you all of this because during dinner, I shamelessly asked Graham three times if he was going to eat his leftover crust. THREE TIMES. I was denied three times and rightfully so.

The fourth time I asked it was met with uncontrollable laughter (i.e last image). I hate to tell you that I finally got that last piece of crust.

I totally did NOT deserve it. I like my pizza, what can I say?

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