by hillarymay

Thanksgiving was small and quaint but full of love. It was our first holiday on our own, and while we missed our families dearly, we were determined to make the most of our time a part. For weeks we talked about the dinner menu – who was making what (I made the mash potatoes and pumpkin pie), when we should go grocery shopping (Ryan and I went grocery shopping the day of – crazy kids), and what vegan dish we should make for Hill (sadly, there was no vegan dish). Graham and Kyle’s apartment is TINY, but we bumped elbows in the kitchen only a little bit and we managed to sit around a table that’s ideally meant for two.

I was so incredibly grateful for the time off of work (bless my co-workers who had to serve that day), and Ryan’s last minute arrival was definitely the highlight of our mini break. It was his first time in the capital city, and we were able to show him our favorite spots, which incidentally all revolved around food. We even threw in a little wedding planning – I’m telling you, put three great minds together and the inspiration and creativity just flows.

It ended all too soon, as good things usually do, but I knew we’d see each other again in a few short weeks. Christmas is just around the corner .. can you believe it? I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend: