keep sakes

by hillarymay

There’s just something about beautiful things. I started Congratulatory while sitting on the wood floor of our room last year, wrapped in a pile of blankets to escape January’s bitter cold. I had so many pictures that I’d collected over the past few months — all from different photography and design blogs — and I wanted to put them in one place. Thus, Congratulatory was born, and it has proven my constant companion ever since. I love aggregating photos that tug at me in a certain way, that evoke an emotion, a memory or a longing of some kind. And on particularly hard days, the kind that make me want to go back under the covers, I go back into the archives and look at the photos I’ve stored away. It’s the perfect kind of keep sake.

And today, I’ve collected a few that make me sigh in a good way, and I wanted to share them with you.