pumpkin carving

by hillarymay

Graham picked up a big, fat pumpkin on his way home from work the other night and we saluted fall by carving it. We were a well oiled machine – cutting, scooping, drawing, preliminary carving with the exact o knife (oh yes, we went there) and the official lighting of the candle inside. I even baked the pumpkin seeds as a snack, in which Graham wrinkled his nose after tasting and said “Oh. Hm, not what I was expecting.” I know, I know. It was delicious.

The best part was deciding what to carve. We sat there for at least 10 minutes debating over highly involved drawings that had to do with typography and superb, intricate die cuts. A very long, three minutes of brainstorming silence led to a unanimous, “Oh what the heck, let’s not make this too complicated” and the face magically appeared. You should hear the sound Graham makes when he mimics the pumpkin’s expression.

It’s getting chilly here, and leaves are falling at an unbelievable rate. I’ve been sipping copious amounts of hot apple cider at work and tonight I dug into Kinfolk Magazine’s new fall issue. It’s gorgeous and inspirational and leaves me itching to bake something (as always) or grow a garden (which will never happen).

Well, I’m off. Be sure to pull on your warm wool socks and slip on a thick jacket tomorrow cause it’s going to be a cold one! (This goes for everyone except for my California sister. Holly – wear that tank top proud).