our almost night out

by hillarymay

When I’m not serving open-faced tartines, organic quinoa tabouli or our vegan soup of the day (some like to call this “slinging hash”) I’m writing for a small events column for a local newspaper in the District. It’s a fun little gig that keeps my brain energized and reminds me that there’s life outside of the restaurant-biz. Two nights ago, I wrote a column on an event hosted by The Catholic University of America Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir. They were performing Mozart’s Requiem, you guys. I mean, not that I’m exactly well-versed with Mozart’s work, but Graham is. And it just so happens to be one of his favorites. Since it was a free event, we decided to go and make an evening out of it.

I forgot, however, how nerdy Washingtonians can be. I thought going one hour early would ensure front row seats. Unfortunately, going one hour early ensured us no seats. At all. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of standing room? We waited ever so patiently just to hear the words “I’m sorry guys, the concert hall is full. Try again next time.”

We ditched the place and went out to eat instead.