a very cheap date night

by hillarymay

You may be thinking: wow, these two spend a lot of time together – cue blog entry. Yes folks, it’s a secret no longer. Thanks to a brand new city and very few acquaintances, we do. This just means that I need to get out more and take more pictures (Elephantine, you are my constant inspiration). This also might mean that we need to make some friends. I groan every time I think about it though because the awkward stage of friend-making can be, well, awkward. So with all of that said, the two of us had a date last night (yes, just the two of us) that only cost us $10. Thanks to Whole Foods, we sat by the Potomac with some naan, hummus, and a drink of our choice. It was such a beautiful evening due to the mild weather. I owe a big thanks to fall who seems to be hiding around the corner – although it’s a little bit strange not having to pack up for school. We feel old over here.