4th of July – forever later

by hillarymay

Graham and I (plus Graham’s roommate Kyle) spent an entire evening at The Dubliner  mapping out the best spots in D.C. to watch the fireworks. It’s chaos in the city on the 4th of July, and everyone floods the mall with oversized blankets, chairs, and prohibited alcohol and knowingly takes up WAY too much space than they need (seriously guys?). 

So in order to enjoy the evening in one piece, we constructed the entire D.C. area in the middle of our table with torn paper napkins, which included spots that had nothing to do with the fireworks but just felt right to add (i.e. Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, the National Cathedral, Anthropologie and Columbia Heights). As Kyle and I folded our arms and leaned in to inspect, Graham took a knife and pointed to each suggested location. We debated some, until Kyle sneezed and tragically blew away the entire city into what probably would have been the Potomac river. We would have been more upset with him had he not suggested the BEST location soon after (the rooftop of Union Station) 

When the day came, we found ourselves standing with 20 other people on the rooftop, singing “America the Beautiful” in unison, followed by the “USA! USA!” chant and the Pledge of Allegiance. It was such a communal experience and the firework show was beautiful. I’m telling you, there really is nothing like it. We dubbed our first 4th of July experience as D.C. residents a big success.