signs of life

by hillarymay

For everyone who has called or written us: we’re alive. It has been a very stressful two weeks as we’ve adjusted to living and working. Being a server is nothing but tiring. I am tired all the time. Thus, when I come crawling back home at night all I want to do is get into bed as soon as possible. I haven’t called or kept in contact with anyone lately and it’s depressing. But thanks to a much needed coffee break at Pitango tonight, Graham and I devised a plan to better communicate with friends and family, establish an eating routine (another odd aspect of being a server), and get enough rest at night. I won’t move in to my new apartment till July 1, so I’ve been couch hopping, which has been hard. Not having a home base is at the heart of all of this chaos, and it has really worn me thin.

On a lighter note, D.C. is still the city I know and love, and for the first time, I’m not leaving after a few months. I’m really staying. I hope you guys have a wonderful morning and a happy Father’s Day. I’ll be up before all of you serving those early bird customers organic omelets and french toast.

All in a day’s work.