christmas gifts exchanged

by hillarymay

When I got wind that Graham and I were trading gifts this year, I groaned (how romantic of me). His birthday is on Dec. 4, and I regretfully placed all of my creative talent into his gift, completely forgetting that Christmas was just around the corner. In all seriousness (or lack there of), it was a dilemma.

As we sat on the floor holding our holiday cheer (in perfectly wrapped boxes), I was anxious to see what he had prepared. After all, he had not said a word about his gift nor did he drop any hints (c’mon!). I soon discovered a single issue of the New Yorker in my box followed by the words “Congratulations, you have just received a year’s subscription to the New Yorker complete with complimentary confetti.” Okay, so maybe not those words exactly, but it sounded so joyous in my mind.

Thus, I dub him the ultimate Christmas gift-giver this year. It was all kinds of lovely.