Thursday: not quite inspired

by hillarymay

I have been uninspired to write this semester. I have turned down several writing opportunities as of late citing over-commitment issues. But in reality, words have not been flowing as much as I’d like them to and other things have filled its place. I can proudly say that my over-commitment issues include drinking copious amounts of the “Falling Leaf” blend at the Bean, becoming friends with the unexpected, trimming my hair on a continual basis and getting to bed on time. (I’m telling you, the latter end of that sentence is like the potato taco at Taco Bell – wonderful). I am also in the middle of a good book and I have become increasingly terrible with communication. Yes, I mine as well throw that one out there. My sister has not been shy in letting me know this.

So there you have it. A quick little glance into what I have been up to. It’s not much really, but what IS much (just roll with it) is Graham and I’s one year anniversary tomorrow. We’ve jokingly been calling it the week of the firsts and using the phrase in conversations that have nothing to do with firsts. It’s been mighty fun. So, in typical fashion, we’ll be celebrating tomorrow and I’ll be sure to post some photos (although I make no guarantees).

Happy Thursday.