Inspiration: my eighth grade art work

by hillarymay

My inspiration this week revolves around a project that I assigned myself a few days ago. (I’m telling you, when an idea pops into my mind, it’s hard to stop thinking about it).

My mother had me sort through several piles of old clothing and items that I very rarely use before I left for Upland, and as I was rummaging through, I found an old painting of mine dating back to eighth grade. I was very impressed with myself for about 5 minutes because hey, it’s hard to make paintings look good when you’re that young. But I thought my (wonderfully accurate) painting of the turtle on Finding Nemo was the best work I’ve ever done, which isn’t really saying much but I’ll take it.

I decided to bring the picture back to Upland and hang it in my room (close to my bed so that I could wake up every morning and see first hand my great potential). Having it with me inspired me to start a new painting project. I’m not sure if I’ve grown much in my painting skills these past 7 years, but it’s worth a shot.

So last night, I started working on it, and I managed to finish the preliminary sketch (if you’re wondering what I’ve decided to paint, you’ll see below – I’m super excited about it). I’ll will fill you on how it’s coming in the weeks ahead. Until then, happy weekend to you!