inspiration: paper pencils

by hillarymay

I found these wonderful pencils the other day while browsing a website called Write with Moxie. They are such pretty little things! Up until this week, I thought a pencil was just a pencil (and very rarely used due to mechanical pencils and fine tip pens). But they aren’t just ordinary writing utensils – they are eco-friendly, 100% recycled paper pencils.  Moxie also offers colored pencils too (I might of drooled a little bit when I realized it).

So here you go: order a 5-piece set for $6.50 or upgrade to a 10-piece set for $13.50. As far as the colored pencils go, a 5-piece costs $7.50. Each delivery comes in a wonderfully recycled kraft container too (I’m all about the presentation, people).

I tip my hat to creator, Lisa Barton, who happens to also be a mother, wife, photographer AND boutique starter. You have certainly inspired me this week, Lisa.

Photos courtesy of Moxie