what I should have done long ago.

by hillarymay

I have been meaning to post my Fall Recommendations for a little while now, but as I was thinking about it, an idea popped into my wandering mind. What if I wrote a recommendation each week? Or better yet, what if I shared with you a weekly inspiration of mine?

As I thought about it more, I realized that this type of thing is nothing new. In fact, you see it in blogs all the time. But I thought, hey. I have a whole folder labeled “Inspiration” (original I know) on my computer, on top of numerous unwritten ideas that are floating around, so why not just write about it? This will give me a better excuse to carry my camera around more often. On top of that, I’ll even go as far as to dip into my journalistic skills and provide you with some history on that day’s item.

This might just be a ploy for me to write on a more consistent basis BUT what’s wrong with that? Great idea, Hil, you should have done this long ago.

So after much contemplation, I’ve decided to take on this challenge. And maybe, just maybe, if I start to get real gun hoe about it, I’ll post more. So be looking for it next week. Things are about to get more exciting.