get your game on

by hillarymay

No, boyfriend and I do not celebrate every single month we’ve been dating. Because, that would be excessive. Then again, there is a small chance that we do. I like to throw out both options and let you decide, but this post certainly doesn’t help my cause. So we may have celebrated our ten month anniversary by getting our game on at Dave and Busters. And like always, we were giddy little school kids while racing through the games trying to decide which machine would give us the most tickets (he hit the jackpot once and it was very, very impressive).

We were responsible this time around though. Last time, we purchased $10 worth of tokens, but ended up retreating back to the coin machine an hour later and purchasing 150 more tokens (Dave and Busters LOVED us but the love stopped there when we realized just how much money we spent). So, with that in mind, we stuck to our $10 spending limit and refused to let the arcade craze get the best of us (take that!). We bought fries with the money we had left, and I decided that it was totally worth it. I know I’m biased, but we do a mighty fine job at celebrating.