she cut her hair

by hillarymay

I decided to chop my hair off. All nine inches worth. It wasn’t something that I spent weeks agonizing over. In fact, the idea popped in my head one afternoon, and after looking through a few pictures of what it would look like, I was sold. I then made an appointment at a salon here in Pasadena, and I soon found myself sitting in front a long mirror, with a stylist greedily looking at my hair with a pair of scissors in his hands (too dramatic?) I kept looking nervously over at my sister in the chair next to me, who looked just as nervous (it was so comforting). But instead of feeling panic with each cut, I felt more and more liberated. And when he finished, I felt like a new person. Honestly.

It’s had been five years since my hair has been this short. The difference this time around, however, was that I had a choice. I love how it looks and how it feels. Plus, I have wickedly awesome bed head. (Trust me, I don’t miss my long hair yet!). I mean, yes, there is always a risk now of being mistaken for a boy, but as my father likes to say, a very cute boy. (Again, so comforting, family). But I thought I’d fill you in a bit on my thought process, and I’m hoping (crossing my fingers!) that you like my hair too. Now for some before and after action!