frozen vegetables and one delicious cheeseburger

by hillarymay

So there I was, lying in bed, my right foot achingly propped up on a pillow with a bag of corn resting on top (I can’t understand why frozen vegetables and swollen body parts need to be paired together), and my back arched a certain way to protect myself from yes, more throbbing pain. I was doubly wounded, folks. Hobbling to the kitchen to get the bag of corn was enough work as it was. I groaned when I had to then walk over to the living room to get my lap top (how pathetic AM I?). But after getting the bag of corn, the lap top and whatever other items I deemed necessary for my stationary position in bed, it then took me about five minutes to get situated. You would have laughed at me. I would have laughed at me. And maybe would have rolled my eyes.

I couldn’t figure out why the right side of my foot was hurting so badly. As far I knew, I hadn’t tripped. Or fell while riding my bike (classy). Or hurt it while taking my yearly run (obviously). On top of that, my lower back was acting up again. I have a herniated disc, which flares up more often then not because I can’t discipline myself to do my nightly back exercises (I take the blame, parentals). And when it hurts, it HURTS (some nice bone on bone action). My whole body felt sore. And amidst everything, I couldn’t help but daydream that my injuries were punishment due to eating a cheeseburger at 1 a.m. from In & Out the night before.  I’ve adopted a more vegetarian (with a side of vegan) lifestyle this summer, and I have done very well sticking to it. I guess this kind of slip happens when you spend over a week alone in an apartment while your roommate is visiting home without you (I won’t even touch on the minimal talking I did this past week). It’s karma I tell you.

Nah, of course this is all just silly. I actually have no reason why my foot is giving my trouble. The swelling has gone down some and it’s become bearable enough to walk around again (thank you, Ibuprofen). And as my dad wisely said while I was lying in bed that morning, “Just think. It could be worse.” I love him.

But things do go back to normal starting tonight. Holly is coming home (finally!) and I will be picking her up at LAX soon enough. It will be really nice to have a conversation with someone other than myself from now on.

But as always, happy Monday. Sorry for the lack of pictures – Holly took the camera home to document our sweet little nephew Henry.