my weekly crazes

by hillarymay

I thought long and hard (all of one minute) on what to title this entry because it really should read “photo shoot in the kitchen!!” (said in an over-excited tone). But I felt pretty guilty about not using some of my own photos last time I wrote, so the following photos make up for it. These items are some of my favorite things this week (and I snuck in a few old favorites that have remained, well, current favorites).

Curly pasta takes the cake this week. Holly and I bought these not because we wanted pasta (although kind of) but because of its shape. We were mesmerized long enough to stick the bag in our cart.

Yes, hot pants are still a favorite, except for the orange corduroys on top. Those are just a little too sweltering hot for summer. Well, all these pants are too hot for summer. I daresay that hasn’t stopped me from wearing them though.

These little cans are deadly … it’s scary how fast I can down them. (and I just decided to put only one open can on the counter for show … the other four are chilling in the trash).

Holly and I have been busy bees (more so her than me) crafting for Heather’s baby shower this upcoming weekend. One of my contributions, however, was the pom pom. It looks mighty pretty hanging in our kitchen.

This beauty has been a life saver for us. I’m sorry Cosco, this 110 + servings bag of old fashion oatmeal will NOT last us till the end of August.

“Ah we don’t have ice!” has been a very common phrase this summer. Well, Holly took the plunge this week and finally bought a few bags of ice. It’s been the perfect pairing for my mini cans of 7-UP.  Amazing I tell you.