I’d like a tres small, please

by hillarymay

So I got a job (cheers!). Well, at least I’m pretty sure. I’ve been training for the last couple days, but I have kept my lips sealed because there is always the possibility that I may not make it through training. Dismal I know (c’mon reality). So if I write an entry some time in the future that sounds a bit depressing, you’ll know. It’s all about the honesty right? Just keeping it real.

Getting this particular job at 21 Choices is all rather ironic because it’s our favorite frozen yogurt joint in Pasadena. It is seriously delicious I tell you. I concocted a banana creme brulee cup of yogurt with an oreo mix in (yum) yesterday, and it was downright dreamy. The closest thing that I can compare it to is Coldstone Creamery, except our customer service is rather incredible (customer is KING) and our fresh flavors are new every single day. I included some photos for visual eye candy, although I didn’t actually take these photos so it’s not necessarily eye candy but rather, Hillary is lazy and this is what you get as a result.

 I am so glad to be doing SOMETHING. I’ve been too antsy for my own good. The two others training with me (bless them) are such a breath of fresh air to work with and I sincerely hope that we all make it through (they take their yogurt very seriously … as they should!)

Hope each of you enjoy a wonderful weekend. Have you bought your Harry Potter tickets yet? Holly and I just did. I’m going to need to do some sort of eye exercises to prepare myself for how close we will be sitting to the screen (the theater we are going to has assigned seating … strange right?).