by hillarymay

While Holly was in class on Friday, I decided to be a good roommate and clean the house, make dinner (two pounds worth of pasta) and do some laundry. But cooking knee deep in a pot full of pasta made me forget to take the last load of laundry out of the dryer. So, Holly, being a good sister, finally grabbed the load and brought it back to the (very clean) apartment that evening. It wasn’t until a day later while walking up the steps after getting groceries for dinner that I spied an article of clothing on the steps. After further examination (coupled with a little curiosity) I realized that it was actually my underwear. Yes, just hanging out on the steps without me. I quickly snatched it up and ran upstairs like I had stolen a piece of candy from the store. Hopefully that will be the last time my underwear goes anywhere without my permission.