Realizations come in all sizes

by hillarymay

I was walking back to the apartment today after running a few errands, and my constant, every-flowing thoughts I had on that walk have led me to address the realizations, the random thoughts and the awkward moments I’ve experienced the last few weeks.

1. Although I spent a little less than a year in our nation’s capital (sounds way more dramatic  when I call it that) walking and … walking some more, I’ve come to realize that my feet that were once nice and calloused are now, surprisingly, as soft as a baby’s bottom.  How dare my feet change on me? They never even asked my permission. Then again, all those times at school this past year when I took my car instead of walking probably didn’t help much in this department (to my own demise).

Now I’m grumpy gills whenever my feet hit the pavement because I inevitably end up walking with a slight foot limp on my return trip home. Forget the wedges and flip-flops, I’m going to need some good, hearty walking boots to ease the pain.

2. I should never wear a shorter dress or skirt when riding a bike. Seriously, it kills you on the proper scale. Not only are you trying to pay attention to the changing street lights, but you’re also trying to ever so slyly push down your attire of choice. Those who get an unexpected glimpse when passing me is not so not cool. I have GOT to switch to shorts.

3. I’ve come to realize that obeying cross walks is a big deal in Pasadena, to point that if a policeman catches you j-walking, he’ll slap you with a $100 fine. Who knew you could get a ticket just by walking? So even though the 50-year-old woman in the power suit next to me blazes through a “don’t walk” cross walk, I shouldn’t feel embarrassed for standing there watching her go. Right?

4. Note to self: try not to acknowledge men on the street who are clicking at you with their mouths. It just provides an innocent and awkward glance back at your still-smiling admirer. Then you just feel downright foolish.

5. I should probably always carry cash in my wallet. Just to avoid walking into a deserted cafe and abandoning it 30 seconds later when reading the glaring (and unfriendly) “cash only” sign. Slipping out of the joint while the cashier slips into the back to retrieve something is totally not classy. Especially when there’s an older man in the corner watching it all go down.

6. Looking into the window of your new-found favorite ice cream joint just to see the flavors of the day is totally normal. Yes, I know that I won’t actually stop in, but just being in the know about things like this is totally satisfying. Trust me.

And that is all for now. More to come in a bit. Happy Wednesday! Oh and below is a picture of Holly and I on her birthday morning. How wicked are those hats?