It’s Complicated

by hillarymay

I’m going to be honest with you for a second.

I am stressed,  but due to our present technology, you are unable to see the slight smile that just formed on my face. I’m currently in the throws of what I sadly like to call “mission-to-find-Hillary-a-job-so-that-she-does-not-get-shipped-back-to-the-midwest.” This oh so sunny state of C-A is looking a little bit dim at the moment because I still have not found a job. Holly keeps tapping me on the shoulder kindly with the words, “It’s just a long process, Hil,” coupled with the affirming nod (which I am ever so thankful for). Mind you, this mission is not done, although my tense body from sitting next to my phone waiting for it to ring from a potential employer needs a little rest. But not until it’s over I say!

Any ways. In the midst of this apparent road block, I have been remaining as positive as I can … which apparently comes in the form of a tres small bowl of oatmeal raisin ice cream.