Cleaning blues

by hillarymay

My life at the moment is in total disarray. I could provide you with a photo of my room but that would just be embarrassing. So I’ll describe it to you and allow your imaginations to run wild. All my clothes are strung out everywhere you can imagine, several old coffee cups occupy the front of my desk, papers are everywhere, a pie tin with leftover Banoffee is sitting next to the television, a can of salsa that should have been refrigerated about a week ago is still somewhere on my desk and my laundry pile is obnoxiously large. I’m quickly running out of clean clothes, and I keep wearing skirts because my jeans are beyond wear. I should probably stop.

I’m never in my room these days, and it’s turned into one giant closet (sorry roommate!). One of these days I am going to take a few hours and clean it completely, but that time hasn’t presented itself yet. Instead, I have a large pile of assignments that I’ve been knee deep in, including an photography final that I spent seven hours on yesterday evening. I’m quite envious of all my friends who have graduated already. I have less than a week left at Taylor. Ideally, I would love to be slowly taking things out of my room and packing them but instead it seems like I’m putting more things in my room. Ah! If I could just pay someone to clean … (Hey mother, would you like to take a day and visit Taylor?). My tech savvy friend Brian would be more than disappointed with my desktop (if he isn’t already), and my computer has been running pretty slow these days with how many things I’ve been rockin’ on it.

In a little over a week I will be Colorado bound with Graham to attend a wedding of one of his closest friends, and then I’ll be preparing for an LA summer. I’m looking forward’s to California’s dry summer weather compared to the hot and sticky environment I’ve been in these past few days (I think I shed half my body weight last night from the sweltering heat). There are so many good things in store these next few months (including the next few weeks!). I just need to clean up my things first before I move on.

I’ve included some photos that I meant to post a while ago. Just a little something something from another date night (Our date consisted of painting rather than drawing this time – switchin it up!) Some solid Easter picks are coming soon (I love me some good Easter egg painting).