El Rio de Salado (Sal-ADO)

by hillarymay

Katie, Emily, Caroline and I partied pretty darn hard this past week (but in a good way of course). Lots and lots of pool side lounging with Scottish couple + boy who were lovely. But then there were the numerous meals we cooked, provided with a delicious fruit bowl and the two gallons of ice cream that I’m pretty sure we finished.  There was also the hot tub we always wanted to take a dip in, but we never actually got around to it thanks to a very slow heater (and poor timing). Needless to say, we laughed quite a bit, ate quite a bit and listened to KissFM quite a lot (seriously, our radio was struggling).

Sadly, I took the girls to the airport very early this morning, managed not to bring my purse and had to sweat it out the entire ride home with my car screaming empty. I made it back with sweaty palms and managed to fill up the good ol’ gas guzzling tank (just in case you were worried).

Holly and I both fly out around the same time tomorrow, her to LA and I to Indianapolis, and the same question is asked of us every single time: when will we see each other next? On top of that, when will we get to see Heather and baby boy Von Tobel? I’ve answered both of these questions with “sooner than later, please?”

In the mean time, so long spring break. I really liked you.