burger and shake run. stat.

by hillarymay

I spent a great deal of time in the j-lab yesterday evening putting together this week’s issue (granted there were a few good breaks in between). Tonight is Nostalgia Night, which means we will spend another long night finalizing the paper before it goes to print. For those of you unfamiliar with this highly anticipated event, it is a two hour student-led concert featuring music before the 2000s. (The kind of music my Aunt Gina would love). And while it’s always a great time, it never fails to put an unhealthy dose of extra pressure on the Echo staff.

This week has been such a stressful one in general, so to ease myself of the week’s burdens, I asked Graham to take me out for a late night run for ice cream and burgers after I was finished. It was fun and so, so tasty … and filling. And, I was even able to complete my photography assignment while I was there.

I tried so hard to finish all of my food, but I could not for the life of me eat the rest of my butterfinger milkshake (I have always said that dessert should go first!) So he helped me out.

…and got sick afterwards.

I left feeling a little sick to my stomach myself … okay, maybe not a little, more like a lot … but it was totally worth it.