A weekend update

by hillarymay

This weekend has been so relaxing. Graham (aka Grahama or rather, the blonde haired boy I’m dating) so graciously drove with me to Chicago, where I regrettably dropped him off before heading to Wisconsin. I had planned to come and visit my aunt and uncle since Christmas, and after a month and a half of waiting, the weekend finally came.

And I have enjoyed every minute of it. But after burgers, an infinite amount of movies, an auction, being spoiled by my aunt at the spa, baking sugar cookies till my forearm hurt and endless joking with my uncle, it’s time to wrap the weekend up. I’m looking forward to visiting again over the fourth of July for some skiing and lounging lake side. Let’s just hope this internship thing actually comes through for me.

I hope each of you had a great weekend too. Below are some pictures of my semester booklist (a growing list to be sure), and a little something extra thanks to my friends Emily and Julie. And in case you noticed, no, House is not a book.