the gift that keeps on giving

by hillarymay

Newspaper season is now in full swing after two months of vacation. Five months of writing Taylor news makes me want to write endless stories on national news (a slight incentive to read next week’s issue … maybe?). So much goes into putting together a student-led newspaper. All my fellow journalism friends around the country can attest to this I am sure. Amidst all of your other weekly responsibilities as a student, extra time is set a part for interviewing your sources, gathering information and then finally sitting down and putting everything together in one nice 600-700 word article (I thank WJC for helping me learn how to whip out a story in less than an hour). But just when you’re silently rejoicing about your clever lead and exceptionally colorful quotes, the thought of production night creeps in. Suddenly all of that excitement is drained faster than you can down a 32 oz. polar pop.

Production night. The one night designated to putting the issue together. Of course all your newspaper memories are formed here: youtube videos are shared, Sufjan Stevens is quietly crooning in the background of someone’s computer and funny headlines and teasers are created out of thin air. But let’s not forget the pressure of deadlines, which means that almost all of us editors are confined to our computers well into the night typing away, trying desperately to make that one headline fit and making sure all your pull quotes are correct. Let me just say, we are SO thankful for our copy editors.

But logging out of your computer at the end of a long laborious night, knowing that you’ve put a solid issue together, is a wonderful feeling. You hope that when the student body picks up the paper the next morning, they will somehow appreciate your hard work (I mean, one can only hope right?).

Then the whole process starts over the following week. Such is the life of a student journalist.

Photos courtesy of Luke Shuman