“Cold toes, warm hearts.”

by hillarymay

So I’m in Boston, and it seems kind of funny to me being that I was just in Indiana and before that, New York. And this all transpired in only a few days. My dear friend Kristin and I made the trek to the east coast, and have since made multiple trips to her storage unit, unpacked her room entirely, visited Rockport, enjoying authentic clam chowder by the ocean, and last by not least, braved Harvard and the Boston Commons in the rain (my socks were dripping wet by the time I took them off!).  Now Kristin and I are enjoying some much needed relaxing time. We’re resting up before tackling Concord tomorrow. And then its off to Indiana again in such a short time. In the mean time, I included some photos from a quaint little coffee shop on the North Shore. It was yummy!
Oh, and I was told by another dear person that I hyperextended my arm tonight. Not fun whatsoever. With all the ice on the cobblestone streets, it was bound to happen. And it just so happened to befall to me. Guess I won’t be hanging on the monkey bars or playing football any time soon (or any sports for that matter).