A superior cup of coffee

by hillarymay

So I have a little confession to make. I become giddy as a school girl when I wake up in the morning because I, my friends, have a brand new toy. After two years of wishing and drooling over a Starbucks french press (not to mention the two years I spent drinking drip brew coffee), I finally own one. Let me tell you, a cup of french press coffee is rich and flavorful and incredibly easy to brew. All you need to do is add coffee to the press, followed by hot water. Let it sit for about four minutes, then use the plunger to mix the grounds. It is perfect if you only want one or two cups of coffee and for that wake-up-in-the-morning-I-need-coffee feeling or that afternoon craving pick-me-upper (wow, I went description crazy just now).

I have watched an unimaginable amount of movies these past few days (recovering mechanism), and I am getting flack from my family (they swear I always retreat to my room and never grace them with my presence). So, we’re working on that. And, I was able to talk to my sister tonight (two days in a row now!) all the way from London, and I am continually wishing she was here with us now. In the mean time, Christmas is so very close, and I am very much looking forward to it.