A Christmas Epidemic

by hillarymay

Let’s be honest for a moment. We’ve all worn those cheesy, three dimensional, too-big-I-look-like-I’ve-eaten-too-many-Christmas-cookies sweaters during the holiday season. We’ve raided our parents’ closets for the best looking one just so we could wear it to that Christmas party we’ve been looking forward to for weeks now (It’s not like I’m speaking from personal experience or anything).

Suddenly, its fashionably acceptable to wear that bright red Christmas vest with the three dimensional snow attached to the collar or that one knitted sweater that’s almost a turtle neck (although you swear it isn’t) that has Santa’s reindeers flying off into the night (triple points to the person who’s sweater lights up). 

But I must ask: since when did it become socially acceptable to wear these sweaters outside of special occasions? Forget the Christmas party, I’m going to wear my green and red turtleneck to class, to chapel, or even better, that date I have on Friday. It’s become an epidemic. I am continually amazed at the amount of girls I pass on the side walk who are proudly sporting these sweaters. I can’t decide if I should solute them, compliment them (“Your vest is truly stunning”), or chastise them for their poor fashion choice.

Better yet, will I be persuaded to join? I have to admit, the thought of wearing a festive sweater did cross my mind as I was getting dressed this morning. So will she or won’t she? I am still deciding.