How fickle my heart

by hillarymay

So it’s evidently true. Your environment affects your creativity, no matter how small the dose. And my environment has been failing me. I wish it wasn’t true, I really do. But here I sit, after weeks of silence, and I’m wondering if this is any indication of the months ahead. Secretly, I hope I am wrong. Or at least ill guided. I wrote a tremendous amount last spring and for the moment, I am going to slip into what was.

I have fully submerged into life at Taylor. But let me assure you, it’s not like riding a bike. Thank goodness. If it were, I’d be thoroughly disappointed. I am busier than I ever have been and coming up for air has proved difficult. But what is new? A lot of things. And in my usual fashion, I’m providing you with a list of things that have worked its way into my lifestyle as of late.

1. Naked Juice – setting aside the usual polar pop, I’ve grown to love the taste of the all-natural fruit juice. Made from the “best bare-naked fruits,” a bottle contains plenty of antioxidants without added sugar, preservatives and artificial flavors. And while Naked Juice has been around for quite some time (established in 1984 to be exact), the beverage did not catch my eye until I visited New York City this summer. Now I am a fan, and I encourage you to try it the next time you stop at Starbucks, your local grocery store or in my case, the gas station near campus. My favorite is the “Green Machine.”

2. Mumford and Sons: this London quartet is simply rocking my world. Their debut album Sigh No More is a hand crafted masterpiece. Lyrically brilliant, their fondness for “rustic Americana instrumentation” is surprisingly refreshing. I particularly enjoy The Cave and Thistle and Weeds and Awake My Soul. Check it out on itunes when you get the opportunity. You just may like them.

3. My green coat: While this is not something that you can just pick up like a Naked Juice or a new album, I couldn’t resist putting this in the list. I purchased my newly favored jacket towards the end of summer, and I have loved wearing it ever since. It is perfectly fitted and seems to go with almost everything that I wear. A good fall jacket is a necessity, and I recommend that every one find their favorite.

4. East of Eden: This book was recommended to me by a friend and it has been an incredible read thus far. Written by John Steinbeck in September 1952, this novel provides details of the interwoven lives of two families — the Hamiltons and the Trasks. Said to be one of his greatest works, Steinbeck addresses the issue of good and evil, the struggle of acceptance, love and the capacity of self destruction. I know that we are all busy and leisure reading may be the last thing on your mind, but I still encourage you to pick it up and spend a little time away from your present circumstances. In fact, it may do you some good.

That is all for now. I have a few other things that will hopefully make the list soon, but I’d rather not overwhelm you. Happy Monday to you all.