A feast of fireworks

by hillarymay

It is difficult to imagine that it is already July. As I stood on the sidewalk this evening, engulfed by the summer night’s heat, I felt at peace. Almost content. And I felt very, very fortunate.  These have been critical months for me, and I have grown immensely. I have such a clearer vision of my place in life and what I am striving for — all of this sculpted by my current circumstances. I have experienced an incredible amount of heartache, sadness, joy and laughter these past six weeks. Memories and pictures keep coming to mind (mostly from the week I spent at the hospital with my family and the weeks to follow), including the times I have spent investing in this city and in relationships I have developed during my time here.

As I stood on the sidewalk tonight, mesmerized by the fireworks display in front of me, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the friends standing beside me and for finally emerging from the heaviness I have felt since leaving the hospital on that last day. It felt good. And refreshing,

In the next 36 hours, I will be in New York City, enjoying a week of good (and much needed) fellowship with some friends of mine. I am beginning to get excited – what a cap off to the holiday weekend! I hope each of you had a wonderful 4th of July too.