“I’d like you to cover…”

by hillarymay

I can now confidently say that I am on the “abortion beat.” I put together a growing list of contacts in a Word document a few weeks ago, and I realized that over half of my contacts were abortion-related organizations. Monica Martinez, a friend and fellow student of mine at the Washington Journalism Center, said this might be the case. She interned for the Times this past semester, and she was given the “gay beat” – a hot topic especially when gay marriage was legalized in the district this winter.  This particular piece of information stood out in my mind, and I wondered what subject I would be covering the most during my time here at the newspaper. Sure enough, I was dealt the sticky subject of abortion rights. 

 It has been incredibly interesting reading about and talking to several authors and experts on this topic, but there are days where I wonder if I should have pursued the path of local news coverage – something lighter, something less controversial. But then again, a little controversy didn’t hurt anyone. 

On another note, I’ve begun the long journey of LOST. Thanks to my professor, Greg Perreault, I now have season 1 in my hands.The Galley will launch the first episode this coming Friday. And while excitement fills the air, I have to admit, we’re a bit daunted by the task.

I did the math (yes, believe it) and we will need to average at LEAST 9 episodes a week. I mean, come on. That is so easy. Did you SEE me first semester juggling Grey’s Anatomy and Everwood? I am a season fiend. Than again, I won’t be doing this alone. The more people … the harder the task becomes. Wish us luck – we’re going to need it. 

And while I am sitting here at my desk, I can’t help but think of my sister and her husband. He will be undergoing a potentially life-altering surgery tomorrow morning, and I have the jitters. Holly called me last night as she read the final version of her update on the blog, and I sat there in disbelief. I am so proud of those two, and I wish I could be with her tomorrow at the hospital. 

Well, another story calls. This one’s going to be a wild ride — female viagra possible? (you should see my face right now) Definitely NOT an abortion story!