Routine. Discipline. Familiarity.

by hillarymay


Some of us love it and some of us despise it like a poorly assembled coffee drink at Starbucks. Routine. Discipline. Familiarity. I admit that I am incredibly routine-minded, and I long for familiarity during my day. But for some reason, I am far from disciplined. I cannot exercise on a regular basis to save my life. To be quite honest, I have no idea where my running shoes even are. I am the person sitting on the park bench eating an ice cream cone while watching runners from a distance. In fact, I have done that every Friday night since May. My roommates and I always sit outside of Good Stuff Eatery, sipping a coke or downing a marsh mellow shake while joggers pass by. Case in point. Do I feel guilty? Not in the slightest. 

I am also the worst at keeping up with correspondence. Long distance relationships: a struggle of epic proportions. Intentionality is so much harder a part then together. I always feel the need to remind my friends of my shortcomings in this particular area. I promise I care about you, I just have a difficult time picking up my phone and calling. My parents complain that I never answer my phone. Ironically, I always grumble about sources never answering their phones when I am preparing for an article – why do I do the same? 

The list continues. 

But lets re-group for a second. Shouldn’t consistency go hand in hand with discipline? I haven’t lost all spontaneity. In fact, I get in these moods where all I want is to abandon the rules of life. I am, however, incredibly consistent with a few specific things. Some may call these quirks weird, but I consider them rather endearing. 

I love new bed sheets. I am reminded of my roommate whenever I tell people this because she always found this ridiculous. I could easily say that I change my sheets once a week. If I am sleeping on the top bunk, I may stretch it to two weeks. I actually brought four pairs of sheets with me to college. Maybe that IS ridiculous. I’m pretty sure I developed this habit early on with Monday morning cleaning as a kid. I credit this to my mother. 

I like to have my morning cup of coffee. My Starbucks coffee grounds are always located in the same spot in the fridge, along with my favorite mug carefully stowed away in the cabinet. I’ve recently enjoyed a new habit: eating Special K. Trust me, its just as good dry as it is with milk. 

I prefer listening to classical music when I fall asleep at night. I have an entire playlist devoted to my favorite bedtime tunes. I recommend this when you’re devoid of a fan. It’s incredibly peaceful and wonderful to drift off to. 

I always keep strawberry flavored chap stick in my purse. I’m not exactly sure why, but I developed the habit at the beginning of this semester, and I have no intention of quitting. 

Last but not least, I love controlling the radio whenever I am in the car. This partly has to do with why I love driving so much. I’ve even developed a signal to turn up the volume for the person sitting shot-gun when I am sitting in the back seat. Yes, my friends know exactly what I’m talking about … 

Ah, we all have our quirks don’t we? Some consistency? It’s what makes us interesting. Different. Who wants to be normal? While I enjoyed spending this last week in Indianapolis at the hospital, it was nice to come home to a routine. I’ve learned, however, that being a routinely-driven person has forced me to work on my flexibility. The theme of last week? you guessed it. I’m getting better.