3 minute interview with Kaitlin Schluter

by hillarymay

Grace and I had the privilege of sitting down with Kaitlin Schluter over skype tonight. For those of you who have not met Kaitlin, she is an up and coming journalist from San Diego, California. She will be a junior at Azusa Pacific University and will be taking her campus by storm this next semester with her many gifts and abilities.

Kaitlin has a passion for v-neck tees and frequently visits In & Out Burger, Pinkberry and the local coffee joint. True to her Californian roots, she enjoys a good flannel shirt and an ice cold bottle of Naked Juice. You will most likely find her watching episodes of The Office, browsing videos on Youtube or slaving away at a clever lede for another one of her many articles.

More importantly, Kaitlin is a great friend whom I love and admire. Her first two weeks at the San Diego Tribune landed her a quick interview with Owen Wilson and George Lopez at the red carpet premiere of “Marmaduke” and I couldn’t wait to ask her a few questions about that experience. Here are some excerpts from our conversation that I’ve shortened slightly.

Hillary: It’s been rumored that you just interviewed Own Wilson and George Lopez at the premiere of “Maramduke.” How did this happen?

Kaitlin: First day of internship – FIRST DAY. And maybe an hour before the end of the day, the nice editor (I call her the nice editor) she came up to me and she said, “Hey do you want to go to the Marmaduke screening this weekend?” And I said, “Not really cause the movie looks like its going to be really bad.” But she told me that Owen Wilson and George Lopez were going to be there so I said okay.

There was a red carpet, which was CRAZY. This screening was on a beach. Keep in mind that San Diego has really weird traditions. We have a surf dog competition every year, and so in the movie Marmaduke surfs in a competition with dogs. So that morning they had a surf dog competition so all the surf dogs were invited to the screening.

Hillary: So what happened?

Kaitlin: The press had to stand in the sand, and they had the names of each media outlet all lined up. I was next to About.com and Pet Live Radio, which the lady insisted that I take a picture of her and her dog on the carpet.

And the people came up to me and told me that I could only ask one question because they needed to get them through. I turned around and there they were. There was Owen Wilson with his luscious hair wearing a cute little cardigan and there was George Lopez (but who cares about George Lopez?) There’s Owen Wilson …

Hillary: Now did someone have to approve your question or did you make it up on the fly?

Kaitlin: I made it up on my own after thorough research. I mean if I was on Larry King Live, it would be a hard hitting question.

Grace: That’s what we expect.

Kaitlin: With a good use of your conjunctions, you can put two questions in there. So here’s my hard-hitting question: “Considering the cat and dog rivalry, are you guys still friends after this? Was there tension on the set?” So I got two questions in there when I wasn’t supposed to. I actually asked a third question and the lady gave me a look, but I just went with it.

(Plays the recording – we hear Owen Wilson’s voice speaking to Kaitlin)

Hillary: Oh my gosh.

Kaitlin: I was going to do a “would you rather” if I had  four questions just to break the ice. But in all honesty, it was really fun.

Hillary: Is there something you are most looking forward to this summer? What are your hopes and dreams? Finding love this summer?

Kaitlin: I am definitely crossing my fingers for a front page story, which I am hoping that works out. Considering I interviewed Owen Wilson so far so … Beans would be next on my list. If I can get some B class stars.

Hillary: Wait, Beans from Even Stevens?

Kaitlin: Yeah, that would be a highlight. I’m also really hoping to find more cupcake places. I’ve only found one place here. And I mean, just working on bettering myself.

Hillary: Improving the inner self.

Kaitlin: Spiritually, physically, mentally.

Hillary: The trifecta.

Kaitlin: All the big three. So that’s it for now.

Hillary: Kaitlin, thank you for going on the record.

To see Kaitlin’s entire “Marmaduke” article, click here. So proud of her!