by hillarymay

It appears like the phrase “April showers brings May flowers” has had the opposite effect on D.C. this year. It has rained consistently for the past two weeks, leaving puddles the size of  small lakes on every street corner.

Grace and I ventured in the rain tonight to Chop’t, a creative salad cafe situated in Chinatown. The word “creative” says it all. This cafe, like so many restaurants in the D.C. area, is not for the faint hearted. Let me break it down for you.

There are four “build your own salad” categories to choose from. First you pick a type of lettuce. Do you like romaine? Iceberg? Spinach? (always go for the spinach). Once you’ve made that choice, you move on to the vegetable menu, which contains at least 25 different veggies. Then you proceed to the fruit menu, followed by the cheese menu, followed by the crunchy menu, FOLLOWED by the dressing menu. If that isn’t enough to overwhelm you, Chop’t has an extras menu, which contains other veggies, fruit, cheeses and meat at extra cost. Some of these food items include grilled asparagus, fresh tuna, tofu and seasoned steak (I secretly envied the asparagus and the edamame). Choices, choices, choices!

I like to think of Chop’t as the salad version of Coldstone Creamery. They don’t just toss the salad together and give it to you on a plate, they chop the salad with large knives until everything is nicely blended (hence the name). It is quite incredible … and delicious if I may add. They always slip in some pita bread with your order (well done).

I have a feeling this cafe will be seeing a lot of me this summer. De-lish!