The updated report.

by hillarymay

So much has transpired these past few days but my update will be brief. I am officially settled into my apartment on 3rd street, and I love it. Although small, it has a lot of character. Contrary to popular belief, it has been wonderful spending time alone familiarizing myself with my new surroundings. My apartment sits only two blocks from the capitol building in a shaded, quiet neighborhood. For the first time in five months, I cannot hear sirens outside my window. This means that D.C. and I are now on good terms.

I met with my new editor at the Washington Times and learned that I will be writing for their culture beat. I will be working Monday through Thursday (can anyone say three day weekend?) and yes, my desk is right across from my editor (can anyone say intimidating?) Looks like I will be facing some dreaded phone interviews. Working at the Times will be a completely different experience than Baptist Press. I have a feeling that my new editor is ready and willing to push me out of my comfort zone. I’m just glad I made it out of my first meeting alive. My first day starts Monday. So long relaxing summer – you’ve treated me well this week.

My parents are driving into the city tomorrow, and I cannot wait. It has been so long since I’ve seen them. I’m looking forward to home cooked meals, good conversation and “not so public” transportation. HELLO car! An added bonus? They have the privilege of staying at my apartment for free. Their arrival couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been anxious to see a familiar face for quite some time now.

Speaking of familiar faces, my old roommate Heather came to visit on Wednesday and its been wonderful. Yes, I am still sleeping on the bottom bunk and she is still rocking the top (I wouldn’t have it any other way). I’ve enjoyed exploring the city with her without the pressure of classes. We learned that the National Gallery of Art closes at 5 (really?) and the Sculpture Garden closes at 5:10 (we couldn’t catch a break). The security guard was WAY too chipper to kick us out. We also discovered a very swank, Mexican restaurant in Penn Quarter that offered unbeatable taco specials. Watch out for Friday nights though – we couldn’t get a table until 10 p.m., so we had FroYo as an appetizer.

In other news, we found a fourth roommate (praise the Lord) I’ve met her a few times now and although it is too soon to tell, I really do believe it’s going to be a good fit. Our original fourth roommate dropped out at the last minute, which left us scrambling to cover rent. For a minute there, I contemplated applying for a second job. Unpaid internships are incredibly inconvenient. These things have a way of working themselves out, and it looks like things are going to be quite alright this summer.

One last note. If you are ever in the D.C. area this summer, please do not hesitate to call. I am always overly excited to see a familiar face and would love for you to experience this city. And if that’s not in your plans (or in your budget), I hope your summer is shaping up to be a good one wherever you may be. There are adventures around every corner. I hope you’re looking for one!