“God Our High Captain.”

by hillarymay

So there I was, walking along 8th street wearing sunglasses and carrying book of poetry (yes, it all seems rather romantic). Suddenly, I spotted a blur of blue. As I approached, I realized that the blur was actually a forty person choir clothed in blue robes. They were standing on the side walk in front of an old Episcopal church taking pictures. Let me preface this by saying that it was 5:30 p.m. on a Tuesday.

As I awkwardly tried to weave through the crowd of blue, I heard someone yell, “HEY! GIRL! We want you to take a picture with us!”

I stopped. After a few seconds of contemplation, I turned around to see a eighteen year old boy waving his hand at me. I groaned.

Me: “No no. It’s quite alright …”

Insistent boy: “YES! Here … come.” (takes my arm and pulls me into a group of five robed boys).

My thoughts: “Wow … this is cool.” (sarcasm much?)

Girl with the pretty smile: “Say CHEESE! Wow guys … what a great picture.”

I tried to slip away but was stopped again. The questions began.

Growing group of 20: “Who are you? Where are you from? What are you doing here?”

My thoughts: “How’s it going? what are you doing? who are you with? where are you? are you doing something cool? I wanna know what you doing and who your talking to and I wanna know everything that your doing and I don’t want you to act like I’m being annoying I just want you to answer all my questions.” (youtube)

Awkward boy: “Did you meet the cast from the Real World when they were filming?” (My personal favorite)

Me: “Um .. well, that was filmed in Dupont Circle. I guess I never ran into any of the stars.”

My thoughts: “Thank God that show finally ended.”

I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by the entire choir. All forty members … and I was in the center.

Insistent boy: “Let’s sing a song for Hillary!!”

My thoughts: “Oh NO. Abort … abort …”

The choir agreed in unison. A few seconds later, 8th street erupted in a gospel tune.

Four minutes went by.

Insistent boy leaned over and asked, “Do you want us to continue?”

Completely and utterly spell bound, I shook my head.

Another four minutes went by. When the tune ended, the crowed broke out in cheers. I complimented them profusely. I finally left them a few minutes later, and they all stood on the side walk and watched me leave.

My thoughts: “Awkward much?”

Insistent boy yells: “I’ll find you on Facebook!”

Me: “Awesome.”

A few hours later … did that actually happen to me?