not the war of my life. the prime of my life.

by hillarymay

Then you hit the age of 25 and you realize that your days are numbered…so to speak. You begin to understand that time is no longer infinitely elastic, and while you spend hours attending to one priority, you are stealing those same hours from another. And why did nobody warn you that you would be spending 30% of your time on things that are really tedious or difficult, like trying to find a rental apartment you can afford and a nice boy who you can marry and stay married to forever? This is a terrible time of life – the mid 20s, because you still don’t know what real adulthood looks like. And since you probably don’t have children, you can devote entire afternoons to questions like “Who am I?” which rarely lead you down a pretty path.

Kristin Van Ogtrop, Managing Editor of Real Simple Magazine