Breakfast Blend

by hillarymay

I woke up this morning with a wonderful phone call from my dad. It took me a few minutes to make coherent thoughts but it was delightful and encouraging nonetheless.

It is my last day of class, papers, lectures, the works. I wrote another paper yesterday evening (that makes three papers this weekend), and I didn’t hit the pillow until 4:30 a.m., where I dreamt about my paper. Funny how that works. I’m terrified to proofread what I wrote – not sure if I made any sense. But according to Heather Hunt, sometimes we write down deep thoughts without even realizing it. I’m hoping she is right.

I am tired, but I somehow feel rejuvenated. I had a theme song that I played on the morning of my last day of interning (heck, I blasted “whoop, there it is” on my roommate’s last day), and now I’ve decided that Matt Kearney’s “All I have” will fit quite perfectly on this cloudy morning.

I hope each of you have a great day.