The wonderful week of firsts:

by hillarymay

It has been a beautiful week here in the city, and with it comes the turning of a new leaf. Well, I hope so. Bear with me as I indulge on my week of firsts.

1. I have been eating lots and lots of fruit. Apples, bananas, oranges, grapes … you name it. I have always been a vegetable kind of girl (my parents’ dream) but as of late, I’ve enjoyed the goodness of fresh fruit. So long cupcakes, I’ve chosen the healthy alternative.

2. I bought a pound of grapes for $8. I swear (I swear, mom!) that I will never do this again. The sweet, old woman was too charming to turn down. As wonderful as you are, Eastern Market, I won’t be buying groceries from you ever again.

3. So long Starbucks. As much as I love my morning visits, I decided to bring Starbucks home with me instead. I now brew my own Starbucks coffee every morning (well, most mornings!) and on good days, I bring a thermos of coffee to work. My boss even noticed my change of routine (I think it’s working).

4. Nice to meet you, Craiglist. I meandered onto Craiglist this week to look at temporary apartment listings for the summer (yes, I’m a first timer) In just one day’s time, I became a Craiglist addict. Let’s hope that all my searching pays off.

5. Yes, glasses, I must wear you all week even though I don’t want to. Aren’t seasonal allergies the best?

6. I know this hasn’t exactly happened yet, but it is supposed to thunderstorm later this afternoon. This will be the first time this spring, and believe me, I’m so excited that I’m even fidgeting. I had the following conversation about it with my roommate this morning:

Me: Heath! It’s supposed to thunderstorm today (pause) Isn’t that great?

Heather: (Look of disgust) Wow, Hil. That’s like asking for a bad day.

Me: Shoot.

7. I know this hasn’t happened yet either, but as I was lying in bed this morning, I realized that I will see my parents very, very soon. And even as I thought about that, I realized that I am very homesick for familiar faces. I wonder how I will manage the summer? But first things first, I cannot wait to see them face to face.

All in a day’s work, friends. Even the smallest of firsts brings a healthy perspective and a sense of accomplishment. Won’t you join me?