Its 90 degrees and I’m looking out my window

by hillarymay

I once made the comment that I am not a second semester person … (laughter)

A year later, I can still testify to that truth. I think I develop a.d.d. symptoms just for the spring time (like spring time allergies) I doodle now and then whenever lectures run longer than they should, and as a proud artist, I post my drawings on the refrigerator like its an A on a math test. And suddenly, I am the proud mother AND the happy student all in one. I believe that’s called synergy.

Two weeks left of my internship. WHAT in the world. I’m just finishing up some loose stories here in the office and then I am done. I wish I could say the same for class … four papers have been looming over my head for quite some time now and the 70 degree weather isn’t helping (maybe if I told Mr. Sunshine to stop shining, he would oblige). It is actually supposed to reach 90 degrees today. What in the world can you wear to work that doesn’t leave you feeling miserable? I must of stood in my closet for at least 10 minutes heavily debating between my swimsuit and a business suit. A hard decision to be sure. The business suit won (if you were curious).

Although it is Tuesday, I believe it will be a good week. I had an amazing weekend – one of the best times I’ve had recently, and it rejuvenated my soul. I am also looking forward to this coming weekend. I do believe the roommates and I will be lounging pool side at the Westin downtown. How relaxing does that sound?

Friends, have a wonderful day.