a life in my head but no feet on the ground.

by hillarymay

In my most melancholic moments, I feel as though I am sleeping through my life. Tragically, a life filled with rich color appears a dull grey and a lack of ambition wills me to acceptance. But then there are those moments where I feel like I am really living. Truly, deeply, from my head to my toes, my heart pounding rhythmically in my chest, living. Whether I am sitting in a crowded restaurant, riding the metro during rush hour, or spending time with dear friends, I get an overwhelming feeling that I am not alone, that I am a part of something bigger, something beyond myself. And there I am – walking on a busy street, standing amidst a passionate crowd during a concert performance, or alone in my room. And I begin to understand. Emotion makes me feel alive, conversations make me feel more engaged and silence brings peace to my restless soul. This is what I am most grateful for: an opportunity to lead a brilliantly colored life.