Things that make me happy:

by hillarymay

1. The sun beaming in my window during the early morning hours. Because even though I never actually get out of bed that early, it is nice to know that a beautiful day is in store.

2. Picking up a fresh copy of the newspaper on my walk to work. There is nothing better than the feel of a printed newspaper in your hands. Once I scan the headlines though, I head straight to the DCist for all my news and humor.

3. Getting a call from my sister to talk about her new yoga class (I LOVE this) Even though she SAYS she’s awkward, I know (and her instructor knows) that this is just not the case.

4. Getting a call from my other sister to talk about crock pot recipes (I love this even more) Walking into my apartment after work and smelling the wonderful meal cooking is totally satisfying (even if all I had to do was press ‘start’)

5. A spotlessly clean kitchen. A dirty kitchen makes me never want to cook (or even go in) and I can only live off of tea and cereal for so long.

6. Dishes right out of the dish washer. I love getting an instant facial when I open the door and the feeling of putting away hot, clean dishes makes everything else seem orderly.

7. Eating a muffin and only wanting to eat the muffie. The carrot, walnut, raisin muffin at Le Pain is SO delicous and I have to force myself to eat the bottom (always first!). The apple bran muffin at Starbucks isn’t so bad either.

8. The sound of echoed voices when I walk into Union Station every morning. The building is so big and so elegant, always filled with people on their way to work. I am inwardly happy to be one of the many.

9. Eating my lunch at 11:30 a.m. because I just can’t wait until noon. I always glance at my lunch when 11 hits, and I wait impatiently, hearing my stomach growl. Sometimes if I’m good, I can wait until 12:30 but that hardly ever happens. And even though I do not like plain carrots, I always pack them and I always end up eating them.

10. Leaving work feeling as though I’ve accomplished something. I only write small articles, but when I email them to my editor, it feels like a triumph. I actually wrote something noteworthy and it makes me happy that I could contribute.

11. Eating Yoplait strawberry and banana yogurt because it reminds me of my childhood. After several requests, my mother finally broke down and bought me all strawberry and banana yogurts rather than an assortment. I have been thankful ever since.

12. Eating cupcakes (I know, I know – this is all about food!) But to be perfectly honest, nothing makes me happier then a really good frosted cupcake. I would trek all the way to Georgetown Cupcakes if I could but unfortunately, I am stuck inside for the time being.

12. Receiving morning text messages from my father. Even though he is one busy man (always at work its seems) I am grateful for his love and for all that him and my mother have done for me. Living so far a way from home makes me miss them terribly.