A Mornings’ walk

by hillarymay

There is something quite magical about my morning walk to work.

Most mornings, I lay in bed for a few minutes after my alarm has sounded. My mind meticulously scans over the events of the previous day, which naturally leads to thoughts of the day that’s before me. Somehow I always cringe. Maybe its a reflex, maybe its because I would rather occupy my bed for a few more hours. Nevertheless, I always get up. I wash my face, I get dressed, I eat breakfast. Before I know it, I’m glancing in the mirror one last time and I am out the door. I methodically turn on my ipod and place my head phones in my ears as I walk down eight flights of stairs.

The sound of Snow Patrol seems refreshing as I reach the cold outdoors. As I cross 7th street and Independence, I suddenly feel more alive. The wheels in my mind start turning once again, and I slowly breath in the cold, crisp air. The sun dances across the neighboring houses, and I quickly join in step with my fellow neighbors, each dressed in polished business suits. I have developed an affinity for these people; I no longer feel like a stranger in a strange neighborhood.

When I reach 3rd street, my heart begins to quicken. In a few short minutes, I will be in the heart of the city, an exciting place to witness in the morning hours. Cars are lined up on the streets, and hundreds of people are making their way to Union Station. The coffee shops are always bustling with activity, and I wonder if I have time to stop in for a cup of coffee. Once I reach F street, realization sets in. I now begin to think about responsibilities at work, and as I reach the front door of the Leland House, I pause just for a moment. The air is still cold, but I know in a few hours that it will be warmer.

Just one hour ago, I was laying comfortably in bed wishing desperately for a few more minutes of sleep. Now, my walk to work has left me invigorated. My mind is clear, and with just one turn of a knob, I step into my office.