by hillarymay

It’s cold and rainy here in the city, and the warmth of my bed is calling me; however, it is a mighty good thing that I find reading a relaxing past time because there are several articles I must delve into before tomorrow. So here I sit at Jacobs, surrounded by others who are also buried in a book or a laptop. My chai tea tastes excellent; a good sign I might add.

My body is aching. I took a long, hot shower last night to ease the aches and pains. This alone brings a smile to my face because my body isn’t exactly use to walking such long distances. I ventured all around the city yesterday and by the end of the night, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. As soon as my parents left my apartment, I fell into bed instantaneously and slept until noon this afternoon. This weekend has been busier than expected. The drizzling rain outside makes me want to crawl into bed once more, which I hope to do when all my chores are complete.

This next week will be incredibly busy. I am still in limbo with my internship, which adds to the stress. I keep praying that some doors will open. I keep fighting pangs of insecurity whenever I have a moment to think, and despite endless encouragement, I still feel a bit vulnerable. All this to say, things will indeed work out, I just need to remain proactive. With classes beginning tomorrow, I will have plenty to occupy me.

My reading awaits me. I really do enjoy lazy Sundays. With or without the Chronicles of Narnia.