327 8th Street

by hillarymay

For starters, I’m currently sitting next to a tall window, and I can’t peel my eyes off the apartment across the alley. I feel as though my people watching skills are in full swing. I have a feeling that it will become a source of entertainment these next few months. What’s even better? The window is next to my desk, which sits in a nice little cove in the corner of our room. That alone deserves triple bonus points. I’ve been longing for a quaint coat rack for months now, and with a little more space, we could easily house one. I’m on the look out.

On the other hand, our living room looks like a waiting room in a dentist office. It needs some sprucing. Our apartment is on the third floor, and trust me, it’s a hike. I just can’t escape the third floor! My apartment building coincides with the American Studies Program, and alongside it is the Green House, which is where I will be spending most of my time. Did I mention that there are lounges everywhere? Between these two buildings, there’s at least five. I certainly won’t have trouble finding a study room. What’s the best feature? My apartment is a few steps away from the roof top, which is home to a large deck overlooking the capitol. I could get use to this.

My first night in a strange city, with a new room and a new room mate. These next couple weeks will be crammed with activities; I wonder if I’ll even have time to breath. What’s the best part? This experience will give me an incredible amount of writing material. For the first time since xanga, I’ve vowed to write on a consistent basis. Yes! I welcome the inspiration with open arms.