Hair Challenge: Day 1

by hillarymay

80s hairForward

“Friends, it never seemed so difficult before-the task of doing your own hair every day, and doing it well. How many times can you just let your hair naturally dry and then throw it in a messy bun before some one comments or gives you those nasty eyes?

For some girls, its never. They can and they will; for it is in their hair’s nature to look good the moment they pull it out of that dang messy bun you never seem to have mastered way back when. Thus you take the time every morning to do your hair, so in some high hopes you may receive a compliment and by the end of the day, seven re-pony tails later when you started out with it down free and flowing- you wonder, ” is my hair stylist lying to me when she told me I have awesome hair?”

So, the challenge begins for the girl with seemingly perfect, messy hair. It is five days of managing what one could call “the beast”. In foreign countries hair is regarded as one of the woman’s most beautiful and amazing treasurers she has been blessed from the heavens with. In the life we call “college”, hair is another thing that must be put out of the way in order to fulfill our dreams  of merging into the real world. Though we put it aside, we are judged harshly for it being messy, unkept, unclean, or uncared for. Thus her challenge begins as she embarks on stepping out to the waiting line between Upland and our very own capital, Washington D.C. So she waits this week at that fragile waiting line, brush and clip in hand- each day holding a new promise of how her hair will interpret her ambitions, dreams, and attitude on the journalism world.”

By Caroline Helmke

It was 9 a.m. when I took my hair our of my messy bun. My first instinct was to put it in a low pony tail; it was torturous to do otherwise. After several attempts and a few exhausting sighs later, I had managed what is called a ‘business bun.’ A low business bun. A bun of this stature should never be higher than your ears, unless you’re wearing a thick head band. I had even managed to weave a few bobby pins in to give it that little extra something. I walked to chapel smiling, knowing that I was off to a decent start. I even thought about how I’d style my hair the next morning before 10 a.m. had even arrived. By 4 p.m. my hair was screaming for a pony tail and it took everything that was in me to resist. A struggle of epic proportions.

This is going to be tough. Tougher than I ever dreamed. Thank goodness that I have such a strong support team.

Let tomorrow’s style begin.