by hillarymay

twinkle lightsTime is flying past me. October has been a good month; I knew it would be. I certainly had moments of frustration. I was sleep deprived for three out of the four weeks. The stress? Creeping up behind me everywhere I went. October, however, brought laughter. Although not a cure all, episodes of Boy Meets World continually brought a smile to my face. Late night conversations increased my appreciation for my suite mates, and my school work has helped me understand that there is more to life than a letter grade. In the words of Gabe Dixon, all will be well. A comforting thought amidst so many impending uncertainties. I will not be at Taylor next semester; the thought is terrifying on several levels. December will bring transition, and I’m not exactly sure if I want to see what that transition will be quite yet. I’m holding my breath.

During moments like this, I’m thankful for God’s consistency. I always want to see the bigger picture, what my life  will look like and how I will get there. Who I’ll meet and what I’ll see along the way. Realization has hit me. I can  only grasp one day at a time. I don’t want to conquer anything more than that. I’m not supposed to. So, while I  focus on the day ahead of me, I know that God will fill in the rest.